Bank of Montreal (BMO)

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Bank of Montreal offers a broad range of loan amounts, from a small $1,500 to a considerable $35,000, catering to diverse financial needs. BMO’s same-day funding feature makes it a standout choice for borrowers in urgent need of financial assistance. With the flexibility of no prepayment penalties and the advantage of autopay and loyalty perks, BMO showcases their commitment to customer-friendly loan solutions. Additionally, the absence of a specified minimum credit score suggests BMO caters to a broad range of borrowers, including customers with past credit challenges.


  • No specified minimum credit score, providing opportunities for a broader clientele
  • Same-day funding for quick financial assistance
  • No prepayment penalties, allowing for flexible repayment


  • Maximum APR at 22.99%, which might be on the higher side for some borrowers
  • TrustPilot rating is only one star, indicating potential concerns with customer satisfaction
  • Limited to a maximum loan term of five years, which may not suit those looking for longer-term loans

Additional Details

Eligibility: With no specified minimum credit score, BMO’s personal loans are accessible to a wide range of borrowers. The bank also offers co-signer or co-borrower capabilities, potentially increasing the chances of loan approval for some applicants.

Loan Uses: BMO’s versatile loan amounts between $1,500 and $35,000 can be utilized for a plethora of purposes, whether it’s consolidating debt, funding a major purchase or handling unexpected expenses.

Turnaround Time: One of BMO’s strong suits is their ability to provide same-day funding, making it a top choice for borrowers who need funds urgently. Combined with an efficient online application process, obtaining a personal loan is made swift and hassle-free.