Spring Financial

Spring Financial is a leading financial technology company that provides all Canadians with simplified money solutions

Spring Financial fills a niche for borrowers who may not have an established credit history but require personal loans for diverse needs. Their competitive starting APR makes the lender an attractive option for individuals who qualify for the lower rates. The lack of late payment fees and prepayment penalties ensures borrowers will have a more flexible repayment experience. Coupled with a high rating on TrustPilot, Spring Financial demonstrates a level of customer satisfaction worth noting. Their promise of a one to two business-day turnaround can be appealing for borrowers in urgent need of funds.


  • No need for an established credit history to apply
  • Absence of late payment fees and prepayment penalties
  • Quick turnaround time of one to two business days


  • Doesn’t offer any perks, such as autopay or loyalty discounts
  • No 24/7 customer support or mobile app
  • Doesn’t provide co-signer or co-borrower capability

Additional Details

Eligibility: Spring Financial makes it accessible for a broad range of applicants by not necessitating an established credit history. This can be particularly beneficial for young adults or newcomers to Canada.

Loan Uses: With loan amounts ranging from $500 to $35,000, Spring Financial caters to multiple needs, whether it’s for a small project, debt consolidation or a significant purchase.

Turnaround Time: One of the strengths of Spring Financial lies in their quick processing, promising a turnaround time of just one to two business days after you fill out an application.